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Hello, I’m Max Wild and I am a newly licensed real estate professional from Murrieta, California. I am a senior political science major at UCLA and a member of the 2018-2019 PAC-12 Championship Tennis Team. Playing competitive tennis my entire life and specifically at the Division 1 College level has given me an incredible work ethic, a strong competitive spirit, and the ability to persevere in order to reach my goals. I was introduced to and inspired to pursue Real Estate by my personal tennis coach Justin Montgomery as he practiced Real Estate while continuing his passion for the game of tennis. Residential Real Estate is something that has been embedded into my interests from a young age. I grew up moving to different states almost every four years due to my dad's job in the cancer research field. From Minnesota, San Francisco, New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, to now Southern California. Seeing a variety of homes in numerous states made the house-hunting experience extremely enjoyable and cherishable because of the impact it had on my family and me when we would fall in love with a house. Now, my number one goal as a licensed agent is to help individuals, couples, and families find their dream homes and do whatever is necessary in order to watch their happiness unfold during the process.

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